BOA Heavy Duty Power Twister Spring Forearm Blaster Bar, 30-55 KG Chest Exerciser for Men Bicep Shoulder Arm Builder Bicep Blaster 65-120 LBS




Brand: Zenooze

Color: Black


  • 🥇 GET YOUR DREAM BICEPS AND TRICEPS: New 2020 Power Twister Bar Design – a new way for strength training bar and chest exerciser for men. An arm exercise equipment, powerful chest flex bar for muscle builder power, weight lifting and body building.
  • 🥇 LIFETIME WARRANTY for the steel spring core ! Either you’re looking for a forearm workout, bending bar workout spring, arm press, chest expander, chest spring, twister exercise, pec machine, spring exerciser, arm workout equipment or an arm bar, we’ve got you covered! MAKE RESULTS, NOT EXCUSES!
  • 🏋️‍♀ADJUSTABLE TENSION : most power twisters have a significant drawback with their design: they only have one resistance level and you can’t modify the tension. With BOA, you can adjust by moving your hand up and down the handle.
  • 🥇 KEY FEATURES: Adjust the Resistance with a Close or Wide Grip ; Durable Powder Coated Springs for an efficient chest and arm workout
  • 🐍 BUILD LIFE: Boa, is a constrictor snake, active from dusk to dawn, as you should be if you want a great body and a good spirit. Our BOA Power Twister will become your favorite muscle equipment.
  • 🎗SIZE MATTERS when talking about muscles, so choose your favorite size : 65-120 LBS or 100 – 180 LBS for professionals and experienced trainers. This is the best black color arm power twister bar for novice and serious trainers.
  • 🥇 Safety ALWAYS First- Unlike other power twisters, BOA has an internal safety spring band. In the unlikely scenario that the BOA main spring were to break, the safety band would hold the handles together.
  • 🏋️‍♀ MORE USES : BOA Power Twister can also be used as a bicep machine or curl bar and as forearm workout equipment. Hold one handle by the shoulder of the curling arm and grab the other end and curl up. BOA can also be used over your head to focus on the shoulders and traps as well.
  • 🏋️‍♀‍ PORTABLE CHEST WORKOUT EQUIPMENT great for gym, home, office or travel use. Comfortable extra-long handles allow you to move your grip heup and down, changing the level of resistance accordingly and train for different levels of strength. This means that you do not need to buy another bar as it gets stronger, basically modify your grip.
  • 🥇 KEY FEATURES:I nternal Safety Spring Band and Wrist Wraps; Long Comfortable Rubber Handle Grip

Package Dimensions: 46x686x1701

Fantastic gift idea for your partner or friends!
The arm stick is very convenient fitness equipment. You can exercise while watching TV, get rid of the boring fitness feeling, and easily build a fitness figure. Exercise shoulder, arm, and back muscles to make your body healthier and stronger.
Premium BOA Power Twister
100% Brand new and high quality, available in 2 sizes:
[65 – 120 LBS]
[100 – 180 LBS]
What’s in the box ?
 1 x BOA Power Twister
Material: carbon spring, thickened steel pipe, ABS plastic handle
Overall size: about 59cm / 23.23inch
Spring length: about 23.5cm / 9.25inch
Handle length: about 10.5cm / 4.13inch
Net weight of the product: about 2.45 LB
Why should you buy MySport Spring Excerciser by Zenooze?
⭐ Suitable for beginners to build up strength and increase tension while you practice
⭐ A more tensioned option available for professional athletes and bodybuilders
⭐ Perfect for building upper body strength (wrists, forearms, chest, arms and shoulders)
⭐ Inspired gift for your friend, uncle or dad!
⭐ Easy to carry with you and do your workout wherever you go
⭐Deal size for use any place any time and any where
⭐Wear-resistant handle comes with anti-slip texture design, which prevents slipping for higher safety.
MySport by Zenooze means quality!
Try it out!


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