EVERYMILE Workout Aerobic Stepper, 4” 6” 8” Levels Height-Adjustable Exercise Step Platform, 31 Inch Fitness Step for Exercise, Nonslip Stepper Trainer Risers Deck Sports Accessory





Color: red


  • Non-slip Surface and Non-slip Mat: The grooved, non-sticky surface adds perfect gripping and absorbs the shock, which prevents you from sliding or slipping and allows you to focus on your positioning. A free non-slip mat has been attached since July 2020, so you can feel safe as you move from the floor to the step
  • Height-Adjustable Step: Raise your workout intensity by adjusting platform height from 4” to 6” to 8″ using risers, which suits individual preference and helps users to increase the rate of calories burning and boost muscle strength
  • Sturdy and Durable: Constructed with the durable plastic material of long-lasting property. The large and heavy duty platform holds its maximum weight limit of 220 pounds, so you can take every step in confidence
  • Non-skid and Stable: Non-skid feet on each riser prevents sliding or will not leave scratches and marks on your floor. Giving you a stable platform to step up and down without wobbling or distraction at the time of exercising
  • Easy to Carry and Store: size 31” L x 11” W x 8” H, It is easy to carry to workout classes at a gym or office. Stack the risers underneath the platform for easy storage. Great for workout classes, recovering from an injury, or everyday regular workout routines in the comfort of to help you keep fit and enjoy your aerobic exercises Ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels

Package Dimensions: 119x825x4218

Details: Product description:
What is Step Aerobics?
Aerobic step platform is a raised platform for aerobic exercise which often integrates with music to set the pace of movement patterns to help build cardio endurance, encourage calorie and fat burns and tone the muscles in your legs, hips, and waist by stepping up, around, and down from the platform at changing speeds and rhythms. It also helps strengthen the chest and back with pushups.

Vary workout difficulty with 3 height options
Adjust platform height in 3 increments(4” 6” 8”) using risers for added intensity. The step platform is ideal for people of different fitness level. You can start the basic steps at around 4-inches high. As your strength grows, you can add the height to facilitate a challenging workout.

Nonstick and non-slippery surface
The wide platform with a textured and slip-proof surface keeps you stable and focused on your workout, gives you plenty of room for any step and makes an ideal fitness choice for beginners to step from all directions with proper safety.

Well-built construction and stability
Constructed with solid and durable plastic, the step platform has a strong design that makes the body of the stepper serviceable for a long time and sturdy for every lunge and jump. Also the nonskid feet additionally improve the stability of the stepper on almost any surface.

Lightweight and easy to store
Its simple size and lightweight construction make it easy to carry to fitness centers or maneuver around your house, allowing you to enjoy aerobic conditioning and toning exercises whenever you can. And you can easily store it when not in use.

Package Included
1 x Step Platform
4 x Riser

UPC: 754021950638


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