Gaiam Athletic Yoga Series dynaMAT Xtra-Wide Mat, Black/Gray, 5mm




Brand: Athletic Yoga

Color: Black/Gray


  • Features a textured, ‘sticky’ non-slip surface
  • Reversible – two colors
  • PVC is great for those with latex sensitivities
  • 10″ longer and 2″ wider than traditional yoga mats – Ideal for heights 5’10” and over
  • 78″L x 26″W x 5mm
  • We do not recommend washing a Yoga Mat in machine with agitation. This may damage the yoga mat.
  • Slippery: This mat should be cleaned with a mat wash or vinegar solution prior to use to add to it tackiness

Package Dimensions: 120x652x1680

Details: The top-performance dynaMat is optimized for Athletic Yoga. Longer and wider than traditional mats, its sticky surface and 5mm thickness provide the foundation, traction and cushioning needed for balance and stability during extended poses. Made from long-wearing PVC, the reversible maxMat is free of the six most harmful phthalates – a health bonus for you and the planet. 26″W x 78″L x 5mm.

UPC: 787766677348


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