IHAYNER Boxing Punch Bag Standing Boxing Bag Speed Trainer Training Frame Punching Bag Spinning Bar Adjustable Height






  • 🥊【HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE】–Rotating adjuster, freely adjustable according to different heights,Adjustable heights ranges from 1.2 m to 1.9 m, suitable for people of different ages and heights. Great for health clubs, gyms, boxing clubs, home, etc.
  • 🥊【FOUR HITTING POSITIONS】–Reflex bag with stand features two inflatable speed balls which are made of PU leather, wear-resistant and anti-aging, The target position for the whip leg is made of four layers of premium leather, which has a cushioning effect on the legs.
  • 🥊【 REFLEX SPINNING BAR】–Standing reflex punching bag, with 360° rotating reaction rod, A fitness product that integrates speed, body sculpting, decompression, boxing, dodge, and whip
  • 🥊【STABLE BASE】–Large barrel base of this freestanding punching bag stand can be filled with water or sand to stabilize, Filled with sand about 75kg, filled with water about 50kg,12 suction cups on the bottom prevent the floor from scratching and won’t shake during boxing.
  • 🥊【About Products】–It is a large boxing gear with rotating stick aim, as well as powerful rebound springs and oversized stable base to give you the perfect boxing experience.Comes with some installation accessories

Package Dimensions: 452x899x15286

Details: Boxing Speed Trainer
Here we offer you effective sports equipment which will help you workout at the convenience of your home. If you are in a bad mood, you can take it out and beat the boxing ball to vent your emotions. It is also a great gift for your family and friends. Great for boxers or fitness enthusiasts.
Total Height: 1.2-1.9 m/4′-6′
Length of the Spinning Bar: 60 cm/23.6”
Base Size(Dia. x L): 33×50 cm/13”x19.6”
Boxing Bag(W x H): 15×50 cm/6”x19.6”
Speed Ball Width: 18 cm/7”
Net Weight: 12 kg/26 lbs

UPC: 727277008897


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