JEMPET Abdominal Roller Wheel Fitness Kit Equipment for Abs Workout Home Gym






  • Unique ergonomic design.This ab roller set comes with 2 core sliders and detachable handles,allowing you to strengthen your full body while practicing endurance. with designed with 4 wheels so the workout rollers are more stable than the standard one-wheel structure. Also each hand has its own handle and core roller slider for better balance and more versatile movements.
  • The exercise roller with knee pads is suitable for fitness equipment in various places.You can pick up this ab roller in your spare time. The exercise roller with knee pads is easy to install and disassemble,Whether in the gym or at home.Use ab roller abdominal exercise fitness base to exercise your back, hips and legs. Install the rolling shaft to exercise arms, chest, and abdomen.
  • Environment friendly and durable materia.The ab roller wheel is sturdy, durable, and safe to use. Besides,the material is environment friendly and tasteless, the well not deform’s easy to exercise on the floors.
  • The ab wheel roller has a significant effect on abdominal muscle workout.It not only has the function of the ordinary ab roller wheel belt, this AB wheel roller has more actions that can be achieved,such as hip lift, mountaineering training and abdominal training.
  • The Ab wheel roller for core workout is lightweight,easy take away and can make you have a good sport habit.The design is portable, easy to assemble and workout, used for gym roller and home roller. It strengthens your core, burns calories and tones your abdominal. The ab wheel will help train your abs to help you achieve a perfect body shape and outline your abs.

Package Dimensions: 145x201x760

Details: Feature
–This ab rollers enhance traditional plank and push up exercises.
–This workout rollers develop pillar strength (shoulders, torso and hips) through a variety of exercises.
–Wheels of the exercise roller set on each side move together for safety and ground control.
–For the training ab roller wheel,lightweight and portable ergonomic detachable handles are comfort.
–This abdominal trainer includes (2) CORE roller wheels and a user guide.
–Multifunctional Abs training wheel support your full body workout.
–This exercise wheel has special design, greatly enhance the stability and help you target specific muscle groups.
–This rolling wheels are designed for abdomen, leg, shoulder, arm, back, neck, hip waist muscle training.

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