LOS & OS Gym Square Plus MULTIFUNCTION Foldable and Portable Workout Set…




Brand: LOS & OS


  • With GYM SQUARE Multifonction, all that you need to build muscle and burn fat in just SQUARE Meter. No Gym membership, no big bulky equipment, stay fit and in shape everywhere and anywhere.
  • GYM SQUARE Multifonction: Tone, shape, sculpt your whole body, with the board you work Arms, Biceps, Triceps, Pectoral, and Back, you can target four different muscle group. With the AB Roller, you work your abs and lumbar.
  • GYM SQUARE Multifonction: with the Bar, you can work your lower or upper part of your body with different levels of resistance. with the Bar, you can work your lower part of your body: Glutes or Booty, Quadriceps, and Calfs. for the Upper part: Quadriceps, Triceps, and Biceps
  • GYM SQUARE, including a big carrying Bag to fit all the components and take them wherever you want and workout anywhere in just SQUARE Meter of space: HOME, OFFICE, HOTEL ROOM, wherever and whenever you want to Exercise and stay fit
  • GYM SQUARE Multifunction is for everyone, whatever you are a Beginner or and an Advanced Trainer, a Men or Women. This Compact Equipment is Perfect for everybody.

Package Dimensions: 154x357x3670

Details: GYM SQUARE Plus, Multifunction Set home gym and fitness Equipment, with 12 accessories, pilates bar, AB roller, resistance bands, multifunction board with knee pads, skipping rope and big carrying bag, all that you need for a complete workout for beginners or advanced, everywhere and anywhere, portable and foldable

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