Monk & Llama Kneeling Meditation Bench with Foldable Legs & Cushion — Perfect Kneeling Stool Ergonomic Bamboo Yoga Bench for Extended Practice – Includes Carrying Bag (Beige)





Color: Beige


  • ✅EXPERIENCE DEEPER BREATHING, BETTER CIRCULATION & ENHANCED FOCUS: The Monk & Lama meditation bench requires no leg-crossing which opens up your body to experience a better session.
  • ✅PROMOTES GOOD POSTURE: Sitting on a seiza bench helps to fix slouchy posture. It trains your core muscles so you’ll find ease in your back and shoulders.
  • ✅ALLEVIATES KNEE PRESSURE FROM SITTING CROSS-LEGGED: Sitting on a meditation kneeling bench aligns your ankles with your legs, which puts less twisting force on your knee.
  • ✅FIND PEACE WHEREVER YOU GO WITH 100% BAMBOO: Our folding meditation bench is lightweight bamboo and travels wherever you go. Perfect for outdoor meditation, hiking, yoga and retreats.
  • ✅FITS ALL SHAPES & SIZES: Durable bench fits small to large practitioners. Use with or without cushion based on what fits you best.

Package Dimensions: 89x478x1724

Details: The Monk & Lama Wooden Meditation Bench is a great alternative to your mediation practice. It requires no leg-crossing at all and it’s great for long seiza poses. This means: Deeper Breathing Better Circulation Enhanced Focus Our folding meditation bench comes with a comfortable mediation cushion and seiza cushion, and a beautiful travel bag. Perfect for someone who struggles with bad knees and less flexibility who struggles to sit crosslegged on the floor.  It’s the perfect prayer bench for a long seiza pose!  If you’ve been experiencing shoulder and neck pain from sitting cross-legged for your meditations, the Monk & Lama Mediation Bench can help alleviate your pain by aligning your spine and giving you a tall seat at mediation.  THE MONK & LAMA MEDITATION BENCH FEATURES: Sustainable 100% Bamboo & Eco Friendly  Meditation Cushion For Extreme Seat Comfort  High Quality Metal Hinges & Magnets For Closing  A Beautiful Travel Bag  PLUS + MORE BENEFITS:  Angled Seat For Better Posture  Fits All Body Types 17 x 7.5 x 7.5 Tall  Positive Message Engraved For Support & Inspiration  Foldable Legs Meditation  BONUS! Habit Tracker PDF Whether you are a beginner or are an expert looking for a change of seat…our kneeling meditation bench will be a staple in your practice. You’ll notice better posture with our angled seat, deeper breathing and enhanced focus.  Our uniquely designed folding meditation chair and prayer kneeling bench can also be used for an alter in your home. Great alternative seating style for Vipassana Meditation  It’s great for a mediation gift and has a positive message engraved on the seat to pass on that happy, zen feeling. It’s also a great piece of furniture that is small and foldable so you can get your zen on anywhere! Purchase the Monk & Lama Meditation Bench for the best and most comfortable experience is seated meditation.  Click Add To Cart now and discover a new experience in your practice you’ll love.


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