Northdeer Hand Weight Set of 2 for Women 5lb Pair (3lb/4lb/5lb) Adjustable Dumbbells with Foam Handles Chrome Home Exercise Gym Workout (Standard-Finish 5lb×2)


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Brand: Northdeer

Color: 5LB Pair (2×5LB Standard-Version)


  • LITE-VERSION – FOCUS ON PRACTICABILITY: Compared to mirror-finish version, the standard version skip the 1-hour-hand-polishing process in order to reduce the costs. But don’t worry about the quality, because other production processes are exactly the same as with the mirror finishing version dumbbells. Since there are textures made by machines on each weight plate, they can’t reflect things as clearly as with mirror finishing version dumbbells, however, they are still shiny and look great.
  • IMPROVE EXERCISE EFFECT: This dumbbell is made of steel, small in size, and easy to grasp. Traditional dumbbells are bulky and limiting in terms of training movements as they often bump into the body during exercise. Using this dumbbell the movements can be more precise, deepening the muscle stimulation and enhancing the training effect.
  • SAFE AND FIRM DESIGN: The dumbbell is precisely cut from a single piece of high-quality steel without any welding. Each dumbbell piece is locked to the next, avoiding the problems of traditional dumbbells in which the dumbbell piece shakes due to a loose nut. The handle is made of a foam material which is safe, non-slip, does not hurt your hands, reduces hand pain caused by heavy weight, and allows you to persist in completing the training.
  • SUITABLE FOR HOME USE: Convenient due to its small size, easy storage, and ability to be placed upright. It is made of steel without plastic wrap and will not emit unpleasant odors, which would usually affect the mood of your exercise. The minimalist shape and highly polished surface give people the feeling of artwork in the home. The attached rubber rings can be easily installed in the groove of the dumbbell to avoid abrasions to the floor.
  • EASY WEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: No need to buy multiple dumbbells as one dumbbell can be adjusted to multiple weights at home. With its no nut design, just unscrew the plate to quickly adjust the weight. The 10lb dumbbell can be adjusted to 5lb, 7lb, 8lb 10lb. The 15lb dumbbell can be adjusted to 7lb, 10lb, 12lb 15lb. The 20lb dumbbell can be adjusted to 10lb, 14lb, 16lb and 20lb. The 30lb dumbbell can be adjusted to 15lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb. The 50lb dumbbell can be adjusted to 25lb, 35lb, 40lb, 50lb.

Package Dimensions: 133x267x4980

UPC: 738626405328


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