Onthemuv Miniature Treadmill! The miniTREAD is The First-Ever Motorized Treadmill Designed to be Used While Seated




Brand: Onthemuv

Color: Black


  • Easy & Effective: Uniquely designed to ONLY be used while safely seated. Easy to set up. Easy to use. Proivdes cardio and lower-body muscle engagement.
  • Motorized: The electric miniTREAD creates both active and passive exercise. The movement feels natural, non-distracting and free form.
  • Small & Quiet: No more bulky equipment to clutter your home. 20” x 19”, weighs under 24lbs and quiet enough to work or watch tv without distraction.
  • Low Impact: Unlike walking on the pavement, the miniTREAD is low-to-no-impact on the joints. Safely supports users up to 300lbs.
  • Protection: Walk with confidence. Each miniTREAD order comes with 1 year protection against manufacturing defects.

Package Dimensions: 203x584x10705

Details: Rated Best Compact Treadmill on Amazon by https://techengage.com/best-treadmills/ Sit safely and actively! Ideal to keep active during Covid for you, your parents and grandparents. The miniTREAD sits where you do: at your desk, watching TV. With the adjustable incline, boost circulation, improve focus, burn calories and strengthen muscles. The motorized electric miniTREAD works your core, quads, calves and hamstrings. If you have joint, mobility or balance issues or just need to increase your activity, the miniTREAD sits where you do. *Always check with your doctor before starting a new exercise program. It’s 90% smaller and 90% lighter than a standing treadmill: it’s only 19in x 20in and weighs less than 24 lbs. It’s about the size of an airline seat cushion and it’s study and is the weight of 3 gallons of milk. It easily fits in front of your favorite chair or between wheelchair legs. It feels natural with just a walking motion and is low to no impact, so easy on the joints. Designed and engineered for all ages (supervised for under 18) and fitness levels. Some common questions, answers, and tips to get started quickly: Wear with shoes. Plug in 2 cords and it’s ready to use. ***WHERE’S THE REMOTE?*** You’ll find the remote tucked into a pocket packed securely in the niche in the main styrofoam. * POSITIONING: Make sure your knees are LOWER than your hips. We want you to feel engagement of your calves, quads, hamstrings, and core but not your hips. SPEED: Start slowly. Keep your speed between .9 and 1.3mph. This lets you remain easily conversational without being winded. * MUSCLE ENGAGEMENT: These speeds sound slow, but because the miniTREAD is motorized and you are seated, it feels like a cross between a bicycle and a treadmill. Try lifting your legs higher as you step or adjust the incline from 8°-14° for a more intense experience!

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