Titan Fitness Adjustable Chest Support Row Bench, Specialty Upper Body Machine




Brand: Titan Distributors Inc.


  • CHEST-SUPPORTED ROW BENCH: This chest-supported row bench is adjustable, making it easy to customize to your workouts. Rows are an excellent and versatile exercise to add intensity or power to your workout. You can choose to do your weight training with free weights or a barbell. Work your back, bicep, lat, shoulder, and pec muscles with this bench.
  • COMFORTABLE PADDING: This lifting equipment features a black cushion that can reduce strain and stress on your muscles as you lift weights. The leather-finish pads are found on both the seat and back. At Titan Fitness, we create physical fitness gear that’s not only effective but safe as well. The last thing you need is to pull a muscle while exercising!
  • PERFECT FOR FREE WEIGHTS/DUMBBELLS: Free weights are an excellent way to bulk up, and this flat bench is the ideal piece of equipment to add to your free weight routine. You’ll be able to perform a wide variety of exercise activities, including incline presses, pullovers, rows, tricep extensions, and curls. Use either barbells or dumbbells as you work out on this bench.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: All our products are made from high-quality material that is built to last, and this competition bench is no exception. It has a rigid base that’s made from steel, so it’s durable and long-lasting. It also has wheels and a handle for quick workout changes.
  • UNIQUE FEATURES: This unique workout bench was designed with a diamond-plated footplate, providing an improved grip for added safety. We made it easy for you to adjust the seat according to your needs. In addition, the vinyl chest-support pad angle can be adjusted as well. Plus, the width of the barbell hooks is adjustable as well, making it work for just about any arm workout.

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Details: The Adjustable Chest Support Row Bench focuses on your back muscles, shoulders, and arms using one device to push your overall upper body workout to the next level. The smart design and highly adjustable settings on this bench will help reduce strain on your lower back during your intensive workout sessions, eliminating unnecessary aches and pains in your strength training routine. The unit is adjustable to suit many different heights and virtually every body type, with six adjustable seat height settings, five adjustable chest pad angle settings, and six adjustable arm height settings. Plus, the width of the barbell hooks are adjustable, making it work for just about any arm workout. Use this exercise accessory in your home gym for resistance training and more.FEATURES:- Customizable seat height and chest pad angle- Six adjustable seat height settings- Five adjustable chest pad angle settings- Six adjustable arm height settings- Adjustable width and depth to accommodate all-athlete sizes- UHMW core J-Hooks to protect your bar while racking and unracking- Built-in band pegs to add resistance to your lifts- Non-slip diamond plated footplate- High-quality vinyl seat/chest pad- Rear wheels for easy transportSPECIFICATIONS:- Adjustable Width: 39-in. – 52-in.- Adjustable Depth: 59-in. – 68-in.- Adjustable Arm Height: 16-in. – 22-in.- Adjustable Seat Height: 30.5-in. – 37.25-in.- Seat Length: 18.5-in.- Seat Width: 9.5-in.- Seat Thickness: 2.75-in.- Band Peg Length: 5.5-in.- Footplate Dimensions: 21.5-in. x 24-in.- Finish: Powder-Coated Black- Material: 2 x 3-in. Steel- Weight Capacity:- Product Weight: 126 lb.

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