Tragano Greek Organics – Whole, Fire-Roasted Greek Capia (Red) Peppers | USDA-Certified Organic | 16oz jar – small batch, single-source.




Brand: Tragano Greek Organics


  • Artisanal, Whole Fire-Roasted Greek Capia (Red) Peppers – 16 oz Jar – Product of Greece
  • Completely natural: packed with water, sea salt, and a touch of citric acid to preserve crispiness
  • Truly fire-roasted, not chemically treated, 100% natural, and USDA-certified organic
  • Carefully hand-picked by farmer Stathis Xenos in the Greek area of Skourochori, Ilia
  • Prepare hundreds of ways – stuff with cheese and bake, use for a pizza topping or add into a seafood risotto

Package Dimensions: 91x181x824

Details: FLAVORFUL CAPIA PEPPERS The Capia is a sweet, mild pepper that is often the source of pimento and paprika. They’re a fat-free, high in fiber, and a healthy addition to your Mediterranean diet. Our certified organic, sweet Capia peppers are hand-picked by a local Greek farmer. Truly fire-roasted to preserve the crispiness, this Eastern Mediterranean native is a treat to behold. DEDICATED TO THE HIGHEST QUALITY Our Capia peppers are truly fire roasted to preserve their sweet taste and firm texture100% pure, organic, and natural without chemical additives that alter taste and qualityCertified by BRC Global Standards & ISO 22000 (international food safety standards) SMALL BATCH & SINGLE SOURCE Our whole Capia Peppers are hand-selected from the Skourochori, Ilia region of Greece. They’re hand-picked, sourced from a single estate, and small-batch made to ensure the highest possible quality. Since they are sourced locally they ripen on the plant and have a superior taste and aroma. GONE BEFORE YOU KNOW IT! An exceptional addition to salads or sandwichesFlavorful topping for pizza or bruschettaStuff with cheese and ground beef for a delicious appetizer ORGANIC & SUSTAINABLE Stathis Xenos produces our Capia sweet red peppers and has been farming since 1985. After switching to organic farming methods in 2016, he finds that his plants “contain less water and more nutrients and vitamins.” The physical methods used for organic farming don’t pollute water resources and don’t kill the beneficial insects. SHARING GREEK TRADITIONS WITH THE WORLD Our family-owned company works passionately with local farmers in Southwestern Greece. We take great pride in the outstanding quality of our products and the exceptional people working with them!


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