TRUNYAQI Water Weights Aqua Bag, Sandbag Alternative for Fitness, Strength Training Weight Bag, Fitness Equipment for Home Gym Workout Weights Training Balance






  • 💪ADJUSTABLE AQUA BAG WEIGHT: The fitness water bag is very lightweight, Different weights can achieve different exercise effects. You can fully control the training weight by adjusting the internal water volume. This water workout bag is effective fitness equipment. The fitness water bag maximum load is 55 pounds
  • 💪FULL BODY WORKOUT: The aqua bag is that to let you get full body exercise through the instability of water flow. which requires all muscles’ works to keep one’s balance.Our transparent bags are marked according to water level/weight, making adjusting the weight easy and available for anyone from beginners to pros to use
  • 💪VERY DURABLE: The Aqua training bag is easy to transport and prepare for exercise. More rugged design to make sure there is no water or air leaking during its lifetime. This ultimate workout for your core, legs and arms. 4 sturdy Handles allow a reliable grip and Different handle positions can diversify your exercise. Anti-wear, anti-shock, stability, and endurance.
  • 💪MULTIFUNCTIONAL TRAINING: Lakobos Aqua bag is suitable for different exercise. Great versatility for a more complex range of exercises. You can adjust the weight of the aqua bag to match your fitness level. Suitable for high-intensity interval training such as aerobic exercise, muscle training, interval training, weightlifting, etc
  • 💪PORTABLE TRAINING BAG: This sandbag alternative is foldable and can fit in your backpack, luggage, or workout bag with ease. No need to look for the nearest gym, or put your workouts on hold. When it’s empty, you can simply fold it up to bring with you. At the same time,The aqua bag uses a upgraded inflation valve, it just needs a few minutes to set up, Best Fitness Gift for Christmas or Birthday!

Package Dimensions: 112x345x1190

Details: This water bag training bag is an effective fitness equipment to exercise your core, legs and arms

❤Aqua training bag is made of high -quality PVC material for long-lasting durability.Smooth and comfortable surface reduces body friction and skin damage.
❤Transparent color and graduation let you know how much water filled. Max. bearing: 55lb ( 25kg). Comes with an air pump to fill air and inflate the bag.
❤Fill water and air inside the bag to increase instability and train your muscles and balance.
❤4 soft handles ensure firm grip and allow for variety in your exercises.
❤Whether you are a professional or a beginner, no matter what you want to exercise, this aqua bag can meet almost all your needs.
❤The aqua bag is easily folded and stored in a sports bag or suitcase. You can use it at any time and anywhere.

Material: PVC
Color: Transparent
Max. Bearing: 25kg / 55lb

How to make it up?

1. Turn on the faucet, and put 1/3 water into the bag at first.
2. Use the inflator to pump up the bag.
3. Verify the air tightness.
4. If everything is okay, put more water into the bag and pump up again.

Package List:
1 * Fitness Aqua Bag


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