Whey Fantastic 5LB 100% Pure Grass Fed Whey Protein – Unflavored Bulk – Optimum Blend of Undenatured Whey Isolate, Concentrate & Hydrolysate – Non-GMO, Soy & Gluten Free – 75 Servings




Brand: Fantastic Nutrition

Color: Unflavored


  • A UNIQUE BLEND OF ALL THREE (3) WHEY PROTEINS FOR BETTER RESULTS – Our blend of whey protein isolate, concentrate and hydrolysate makes this the best protein for men and women wanting to stimulate muscle growth, manage weight and enhance recovery. Why settle for products with only whey concentrate? Maximize your results with Whey Fantastic!
  • FANTASTIC NUTRITION IN EVERY SERVING: Each 30g serving provides 25g of cold processed, undenatured whey protein with 5.8g of BCAAs, 1g of Fat, No Added Sugars and 1g of carbs.
  • TRANSFORM YOUR BODY: Scientific research indicates that adding a clean whey protein like Whey Fantastic, with its naturally occurring immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, and protein cofactors, to your daily regimen will help raise your metabolic rate, improve glucose tolerance and allow you to achieve your goals for a healthy fit body faster.
  • COMPLETELY NATURAL, GRASS FED, HORMONE FREE: Try a healthier cold processed, non-denatured whey protein that is free of synthetic growth hormones (no rBGH or rBST) and is higher in key nutrients. Strawberry Whey Fantastic is Gluten Free, Soy Free, Non-GMO and containers no flavors, fillers or preservatives, plus it’s Keto and Paleo Diet friendly.
  • MIXES EASILY AND TASTES GREAT: Make fantastic clean high protein, low sugar pre- and post-workout shakes, smoothies and meal replacements for faster gains in lean muscle and improved recovery.

Package Dimensions: 198x274x2540

Details: PURE PREMIUM WHEY: Each serving of Unflavored Whey Fantastic delivers 25g of Protein, 5.8g BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), with no added sugars and only 1g of carbs. Choose Whey Fantastic for a clean paleo and keto friendly way to build lean muscle, enhance fitness, and improve your overall health. GRASS-FED WHEY: Our 100% grass-fed whey protein comes from pasture raised dairy cows that eat a nutrient rich, diverse diet of grasses, which creates a higher concentration of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial nutrients. STRICT MANUFACTURING STANDARDS: Whey Fantastic is produced in the U.S.A. in an FDA approved facility that meets cGMP Good Manufacturing Standards. Every batch goes through rigorous in house and third party testing so that you can be sure it’s a clean protein that meets or exceeds label claim. HIGHEST BIOLOGICAL VALUE: Our Blend of Whey Protein Isolates, Concentrates and Hydrolysates is undenatured and undergoes cold process ultra-filtration to protect the proteins bioavailability and their naturally occurring growth factors.MIXES INSTANTLY: Whey Fantastic is instantized with less than 1% non-gmo sunflower lecithin for a soy free protein that mixes mix easily. Try it in a shake or a smoothie or add it to oatmeal, cookies, pancakes or your own homemade protein bars. For great tasting recipe ideas visit my-eps.com.ABOUT EXCEL PERFORMANCE SCIENCES: Excel Performance Sciences manufacturers the highest quality, premium, all natural, products and sells them at an incredible value direct to you – no stores, no distributors, no middlemen or extra markup. You get the best quality for the best price – everyday! We have been developing innovative nutrition products for more than 30 years and we strive to make better balanced, clean nutritional supplements that help you achieve your goals for an active, fit, healthy lifestyle.

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