WV WONDER VIEW Yoga Inversion Bench, Yoga Headstand Bench with Resistance Band for Practice Head Stand, Shoulderstand for Family and Gym






  • Multifunctional Yoga Stool: Yoga Inversion Bench can promote blood circulation, shape the body, stay healthy, and more. Resistance Band allows it to complete the movement of all parts of the body. Such as handstand, shrug, and muscle gain, etc.
  • Sturdy and Good Construction:The alloy steel pipe bracket adopts an interactive triangle design with strong support. Equipped with a round rubber suction cup for anti-slip stability. The maximum weight is 440 pounds.
  • Comfortable & Safe: The inversion bench has handles that are helpful for getting up and down. The U-shaped pillow can make the user come out of a “headstand” and not feel compression or neck or neck pain.
  • Foldable Design: Newly designed Self-Locking Hooks make it fold quickly and easy to install. Also, takes up less space. Great to take it to a yoga class or if you like to meditate in nature.
  • Transition from headstand to handstand: Headstand on the bench is similar to a tripod stand; you are relying on both arms to hold the inversion. Safety Tip: do not perform handstand without properly forming a vertical shape on the bench. You must obtain enough core strength to prevent wrist/joints injuries.

Package Dimensions: 173x762x8233

Details: About Fitness Yoga Chair: The ergonomic design of the yoga inverted stool allows each user to easily stand upside down. And in order to make the user’s shoulders and head more comfortable, we widened and thickened the U-shaped pad on the basis of the first generation of products. The physical design of the interactive triangle frame combined with the strong grip of the bottom suction cup makes it more robust and stable, ensuring maximum consumer safety and can be purchased with confidence. Specification: The material:Thick alloy bracket ;Vegan Leather U-Shaped Pad. Color: Black Product size: 28.5*6.1*17.3inch Installed size : 26.4*17.3*14.8inch Bearing weight:≤440lb Funtion:yoga studio; bedroom; balcony; office; gym; outdoor…Why do more and more people like to stand upside down? ◆relieve fatigue ◆Promote blood circulation ◆Reduce varicose veins ◆Relax shoulders, neck muscles and the bones ◆improve sleeping ◆Enhance physical fitness ◆Shape the body and stay healthPrecautions: ●Please, take protective measures for your first try. make sure there are people assistance or wall protection in front of you. ●It is not suitable to do in 2 hours of dinner or after drinking water. ●You might feel dizzy the first time you try to stand upside down.please does not stand for too long! ●Control the time you stand upside down. If you feel uncomfortable, please stop immediately! ●Patients with hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, should be used under the guidance of the doctor. At last: If you have any confusion about our products, please get in touch with us on time, thanks.

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